The word “brain tumor” sends a message of grave panic and alarm. Brain tumor could develop due to various reasons and is detected with different types of symptoms. They are headache, heaviness in head, giddiness, sudden unconsciousness, discomfort and vomiting, blurred vision due to darkness, cerebral weakness, and loss of memory or forgetfulness. It is difficult to diagnose it in the first stage because the normal symptoms of this disease are also seen in other diseases.


It is a common symptom that is shown in several diseases. There are various reasons for headache, in which high blood pressure, fever, sinusitis, migraine, cerebral problems are main. Besides, stomach disorders, constipation, urinary diseases are also some of the other reasons for headache but proper treatment of headache becomes necessary depending on its severity, intensity, place, and type and associating symptoms. The headache caused due to brain tumor is very severe due to the pressure exerted on the tumor growing inside the brain.


This is also a very common symptom that is seen in different diseases like digestive disorders, liver, pancreas, kidneys, and blood impurities or toxicity caused due to different substances. In case of brain tumor, vomiting does not come under control with any medicines and the frequency of vomiting is also very fast.


A person suffering from brain tumor complains of giddiness, blurred vision due to darkness in front of eyes, poor eyesight, and these symptoms remain uncured with any treatment.

Brain tumor causes various disorders related to working capacity of the brain. Cerebral weaknesses, illusion, loss of memory are a few symptoms that clearly indicate towards some cerebral diseases.

Different types of tumours are seen in brain namely glayoma, meningoma, pituitary adenoma, metastatic carcinoma, chrenioferingioma, grenuloma and hemingoma. Out of these glayoma is the most common types of brain tumors and almost 40 per cent of the patients suffering from brain tumor are diagnosed with this type of tumor.

It is evident that tumors are of two types, benign and malignant. Benign tumors are not fatal but create different types of symptoms, and surgery is necessary. At present diagnosis of brain tumour has become very easy with the help of EEG, computed exile tomography and isotope scan etc. These diagnostic tools help in getting complete information about the tumors. These are installed in modern, state-of-the-art medical institutions and have proved to be a great blessing as previously such diseases were considered to be incurable.

The main objective of the treatment of brain tumor is to reduce intrachrenial pressure. The tumor is removed with the help of surgery and tested properly to get full information. However, surgery is also necessary to treat malignant tumor.