Pippali fruit (also known as long pepper) is the best among all the medicines. It is light, oily, bitter, hot and pungent in taste. Ripe Pippali is heavy, sweet, and cold and causes kapha. It increases pitta in this stage and balances pitta when in dry state. Pippali increases fire, is sweet in taste and strengthening.

Botanical Name: Piper Longum Linn.
Hindi Name: Pipala
English Name: Long Pepper
Kannada Name: Hippali, Hipli
Telugu Name: Pippallu
Tamil Name: Tippili
Bengali Name: Pipal
Malayalam Name:Tippali
Punjabi Name: Maghaun

It is a mild purgative, and overcomes respiratory problems, cough, stomach disorder, fever, and leprosy, discharge of vital humours, piles, liver problems, pain and dysentery. It overcomes kapha and vata in dry state and increases kapha and removes pitta in ripe state. Pippali has special impact on lungs and uterus.

Pippali is very beneficial in cases of cold and kapha related diseases. It overcomes tuberculosis, hiccups, fever, and germs, increases blood, purifies it, helps in urination and reduces vata. Pippali is bitter, pungent, hot, dry, light, helps in digestion, increases pitta, removes kapha, vata, burning sensation, overcomes liver diseases, germs and respiratory problems, and increases digestive fire.


Medicinal Uses of Pippali Fruit According to Ayurveda:

Treatment of Headache with Pippali Fruit:

Grind equal quantities of Pippali, black pepper, dry dates, Mulethi and dry ginger. Take two gram cooked in butter made with cow milk, sieve and take nasya to overcome headache.

Grind Pippali in water and apply the paste on forehead for relief.


Take nasya with Pippali churna to overcome headache caused due to cold.

Treatment of Sleeplessness with Pippali Fruit:

Take one to three gram Pippali root churna with sugar candy or double the quantity jaggery twice daily to overcome digestive problem and enjoysound sleep. Generally old people follow this remedy to overcome insomnia.

Treatment of Migraine with Pippali Fruit:

Grind equal quantities of Pippali and bacha powder; take three gram regularly with milk or hot water twice daily to get rid of migraine.

Treatment of Night Blindness with Pippali Fruit:

Make kajal with Pippali and apply in eyes to cure night blindness.

Treatment of Weak Eyesight and Eye Problems with Pippali Fruit:

Make a fine powder of Pippali and apply in eyes to overcome blurred vision, night blindness and other eye diseases. Grind one part of Pippali and two parts of Harad, make long sticks and rub on eyes to overcome secretion from eyes and other problems.

Treatment of Toothache with Pippali Fruit:

Mix rock salt, turmeric and rapeseed oil on one or two gram Pippali churna and apply on tooth to overcome pain.

Treatment of Ear ache with Pippali Fruit:

Heat Pippali powder on pan and pass its fume in ears to relieve earache caused due to wounds etc.

Treatment of Cold and Voice Disruption with Pippali Fruit:

Grind equal quantities of Pippali, roots, black pepper and dry ginger. Take two gram with honey and lick or add honey in Pippali quath and drink small quantity to overcome cold.

Treatment of Respiratory Problems with Pippali Fruit:

Mix one gram Pippali powder in double the quantity of honey and lick to relieve cough, hiccups, fever, voice disruption and liver diseases. It is beneficial in case of kapha diseases.

Take one-gram Pippali powder with equal quantity of Triphala and take thrice daily on empty stomach in the morning, half hour before lunch and dinner with honey to overcome hiccups, respiratory disease, fever etc.


Roast three to five grams Pippali extract in clarifiedbutter, mix rock salt and honey and take to overcome cough caused due to kapha.

Mix three-gram Pippali root powder and take it with honey thrice daily.

To Increase Breast Milk:

Take two gram Pippali powder and half spoon shatavar with honey twice daily to increase breast milk.

Take equal quantities of Pippali, Harad, dry ginger and take three gram powder with jaggery, mix a little bit of clarified butter and take with milk twice daily to increase breast milk. Use it regularly for two months.

Treatment of Heart disease with Pippali Fruit:

Make a fine powder with equal quantities of Pippali root and small cardamom. Take three gram with clarified butter twice daily to overcome constipation, heart disease instantly.

Mix equal quantities of Pippali churna in bijori lemon root skin and take in the morning on empty stomach with three gram Arjuna quath to overcome heart diseases and problems.

Take one-gram Pippali churna with honey in the morning to control cholesterol and overcome heart weakness.

Treatment of Hiccups with Pippali Fruit:

Mix Pippali churna and sugar in equal quantities and take with water for relief.

Mix equal quantities of Pippali and Mulethi and add same quantity of sugar. Take three gram and mix in bijora lemon juice and drink to overcome hiccups. It also controls vomiting. Take it with honey and drink hot water over it for relief.

Treatment of Chronic Disorder of Bowel Movement with Pippali Fruit:

Grind equal quantities of Pippali, hemp and dry ginger. Take two gram with honey twice or thrice daily before meals to overcome this problem.

Treatment of Chronic Dysentery and Loose Motions with Pippali Fruit:

Grind Pippali and take two gram with goat milk or cow milk to overcome chronic dysentery. Take this remedy on empty stomach.


Treatment of Stomach Cramps with Pippali Fruit:

Mix Pippali and small Harad in equal quantities and take spoonful twice daily with hot water to overcome stomachache, cramps, loose motionsStomachache: mix two gram each of Pippali and black pepper powder with hot water to overcome stomachache.

Treatment of Stomach Disease with Pippali Fruit:

Mix one part each of Pippali, dry ginger and black pepper. Drink it frequently and take spoonful with hot water after meals twice daily for relief.

Treatment of Jaundice with Pippali Fruit:

In case of jaundice, low digestive fire, loss of humours mix one part honey, two parts clarified butter, four parts Pippali, eight parts sugar candy, 32 parts milk, cinnamon, bay leaf, cardamom, nagkesar (six parts each), grind, cook and make sweet balls, take one sweet ball daily.

Treatment of Intestinal Problems with Pippali Fruit:

Grind equal quantities of Pippali, cumin seeds, koot, plum and cow dung in fermented water and apply the paste for relief. This remedy is beneficial in case of first stage of the disease.

Treatment of Enlargement of Liver and Spleen with Pippali Fruit:

Take two to four gram Pippali churna with spoonful honey twice daily to overcome liver enlargement.

Improvement of Digestive Fire with Pippali Fruit:

Cook 250 gm Pippali and jaggery, one kilo clarified butter made with cow milk, four kilos goat milk (if cow milk is not available) on low flame till only clarified butter remains. Use this clarified butter in case of low digestive fire, tuberculosis, and cough. Take spoonful thrice daily.

Treatment of Piles with Pippali Fruit:

Mix half spoon Pippali churna, equal quantity of roasted cumin seeds and a little bit of rock salt. Take with diluted curd on empty stomach to relieve piles. Menstrual pain and conceiving: make a powder with equal quantities of Pippali, dry ginger, black pepper and nagkesar. Mix this powder in clarified butter and take it with milk to be blessed with children even in case of infertility. It removes uterus problems and swelling. It is also beneficial in case of menstrual pain and hormonal disorders. Use this remedy twice daily for two to three months.

Treatment of Labour Pain with Pippali Fruit:

Cook three gram Pippali root, three gram pushkar root, in 400 gm water till it reduces to 100gm, sieve and drink with a little bit of honey and asafetida to relieve labour pain and cause quick delivery. The above quath should be given cold to the women after delivery.

Mix clarified butter in Pippali churna and lick to control excessive secretion after delivery.

Treatment of Obesity with Pippali Fruit:

Add honey in two gram Pippali churna and take thrice daily to reduce weight. Do not drink anything except water till one hour after taking this medicine.

Treatment of Pain with Pippali Fruit:

Take half spoon Pippali root churna with hot water or milk to overcome pain. It also helps in enjoying sound sleep. Add half spoon turmeric powder in milk and drink to relieve pain caused due to injury, sprain etc.

Treatment for Children with Pippali Fruit:

Mix one-gram Pippali churna with five-gram honey and massage on gums of children to grow teeth without pain. Rub 125 gm big Pippali and take it with honey to relieve fever, cough and spleen enlargement. Mix Pippali and Triphala powder in equal quantities, take 200 mg to one gram with clarified butter and honey and make the child lick twice daily if he cries continuously.

Treatment of Sciatica with Pippali Fruit:

Mix Pippali and dry ginger and heat oil in it. Massage the oil on sciatica nerve for relief. Mix three-gram Pippali churna in 100 gm cow urine and 10 gm castor oil and drink twice daily for relief. Take half spoon Pippali churna with two spoonfuls castor oil twice daily to overcome sciatica pain.

Treatment of Fever with Pippali Fruit:

Take Pippali with honey in case of fever caused after delivery, meningitis, arthritis, kapha generated fever. Take half spoon Pippali powder twice daily for relief. It is simple and effective medicine.