The state government’s heat is now on yoga and naturopathy practitioners who practise without proper knowledge. It is planning to set up a council for yoga and naturopathy practitioners, on the lines of medical councils, to crack down on these people. If the proposal — to presented before the state cabinet soon — comes through, yoga teachers and naturopaths will have to register with the council.

Move aims to crack down on those practising yoga without knowledge.

The proposed Maharashtra Naturopathy and Yoga Development Council will also chalk out syllabus for institutes and deal with complaints from the public. “It is necessary for yoga and naturopathy to have a council on lines of councils for other streams of medicine (like allopathy, ayurveda, unani and homeopathy),” said an official from the state medical education department.

State medical education minister Dr Vijaykumar Gavit confirmed they were considering a proposal for setting up the council.

Senior officials from the department said once the council is formed, it would be mandatory for naturopaths and people who offer yoga training to others to register with it.

Traditional naturopaths, who have no degree or diploma from recognised naturopathy institutes, may have to qualify in an exam or practical and then register. “A person has to be qualified to offer training in streams like yoga and naturopathy,” the official added.

The council will also lay down syllabus for courses and even institutes will have to register with it. It will also entertain complaints about people who impart training in yoga and naturopathy treatments.

Ayurveda and yoga consultant Dr Niranjan Patel welcomed the move and said that some unqualified people taught yoga and naturopathy without scientific knowledge. “To curtail unhealthy practices, a council is a must,” said Patel, a senior medical and yoga consultant at Kaivalyadham, Mumbai.