We all are aware of the fact that exercise plays a very important role in our life and provides complete health to our mind and body. In spite of being aware of this fact, we are not able to take out a few minutes from our busy schedule for exercise. We keep on thinking and planning to begin it, and always postpone it for tomorrow.

The whole week passes in planning itself without any result. In this situation, we get frustrated that we are not able to begin the exercise. Did you know that involving in some kind of household activity in the morning or evening could help you in burning out some extra calories? You will be able to finish your work and also do exercise. There is no need to take out extra time especially for going to the gym or walk. This is not a joke but a very practical way to keep fit. You will be surprised to know about the amount of calories that can be burnt by doing our household works.


Pay attention on the garden or flowerpots in your house. Generally, people do not bother about it or hire gardeners to do the work. Remember that the presence amidst green plants and flowers will refresh you and will give you physical and mental happiness. Gardening is not an easy task because it is an art. If you are fond of it then kindly do not overlook it and involve in it wholeheartedly. You will be even more surprised to know that 30 minutes of gardening can help you in burning 150 calories. So, do not think, just walk up to your garden and begin the work. You will feel healthy and totally stress free.


Mopping and sweeping is a good way to exercise your body. If you cannot do this then remember that you will loose a good opportunity to burn the extra calories. Mopping is a complete exercise and helps in sheddingfat. Sweeping and mopping for 30 minutes can help in burning 100 calories.
Walk up the stairs

Climbing up the stairs instead of using lift is a very good exercise. When you climb the stairs speedily it increases heartbeat. It increases the body temperature and we feel hot. It is a very good exercise and also strengthens your feet. It will reduce fat from hips and also strengthen the calf muscles. However walking up 20 stairs at a good speed burns 272 calories. So, say no to the lift!

Washing clothes and cleaning utensils

These two household works are generally avoided. But, this is a big mistake because these two works can help us in keeping fit and healthy. Do not be ashamed and start washing your clothes and cleaning utensils right now. These two activities help in burning 100 calories in 30 minutes.

Wash your car yourself

Do you wash your car yourself? If not then start it doing right now. Wash and clean your car yourself at least once in a fortnight. This will relieve you from obesity and also help in burning extra calories. 30 minutes of this exercise can burn 110 calories.

Baby sitting

This is fun and plus churns out your fat like butter from buttermilk. Baby-sitting that is looking after children involves sitting down, standing up, walking, running. Children never allow you to sit at one place and you are continuously on your feet. This activity will give you relief and children will also get lot of attention and time. If you spend at least one hour with children you will be able to spend 180 to 200 calories and stay fit.