The vegetables contain the treasure of good health. If they are consumed in sufficient quantity then the skin remains healthy, clean, delicate and smooth without the use of cosmetics. It also increases the beauty of eyes and shine. The vegetables avoid constipation and they also fulfill the deficiency of carbohydrates, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals.

Vegetables are necessary for protecting health. They contain nutritional value, which cure the body silently and we are not aware of it as well. Not only that the acids produced during the digestion of meat, cottage cheese and other fat substances are removed hence vegetables should be consumed. The body requires calcium, iron and phosphorous and vegetables are required to fulfill the deficiency of these substances. Iodine and sodium are also obtained from these vegetables.

How much vegetable should be consumed:

Everyday one person should eat 300 gm of vegetable, which should include 115 gm of green leafy vegetable, 115 gm of other vegetables and 70 gm of tubes.

The following vitamins are found in vegetables:

Vitamin A: The deficiency of this vitamin causes night blindness, pimples, and dryness of the skin. Green vegetables are the best source for this. 120 gm of green vegetable contains 2000 – 12000 units of vitamin A. This is sufficient to fulfill the daily requirement of vitamin A.

Vitamin B: Beri beri, loss of appetite, weight loss, reduction in the body temperature and other dosha arise due to its deficiency. This vitamin is very necessary for the development of the body. Vegetables like cabbage, green chilly, carrot, and onion contain this vitamin. Sema and green peas contain more of this vitamin.

Vitamin C: Deficiency of this vitamin causes arthritis, scurvy, diseases of the gums and teeth etc. Fenugreek, spinach, salad, cabbage, green chilly and other such vegetable contain this vitamin in sufficient quantity.

Vitamin D, E, K: All these vitamins are found in green vegetables. The fibrous portion of the vegetable is helpful in the digestion and avoids constipation. Spinach, salad, cabbage and different vegetables contain water and fibers. Tubes are especially beneficial for the muscles of the intestines. In the case of skin diseases and night blindness, cabbage, sweet potato, spinach, beetroot leaves, carrot, tomato, green peas and green vegetable should be eaten in sufficient quantity. In case of loss of appetite, constipation, inactivity, intestinal and nervous related problems spinach, beetroot leaves, cabbage, green peas, sema and salad should be eaten in sufficient quantity.

Tomato, spinach, cabbage, cauliflower, potato, green peas, cucumber, onion, salad should be taken in sufficient quantities to cure weak gums. If the bones are not developed properly the children contract dryness problem and their teeth become weak, in that case increase the quantity of potato, serna and spinach in their daily diet.

How to protect the nutritional value of vegetables:

– Cook the vegetables in little water. Do not throw the water after boiling the vegetables because this water contains all the nutrition,

– Do not cook the vegetables on high flame for very long time. This reduces the vitamins present in the vegetables.

– All the nutritional element and vitamins are present right below the skin of the vegetables. Therefore cook the vegetables along with the skin or just peel it lightly.

– Do not reheat the vegetable, this destroys the nutritional value of it.

– Put the vegetables in boiling water. This maintains the taste, form, color, nutrition and other vital things. They should be cooked fresh to protect the nutritional value.

– Do not put eating soda in the vegetables and avoid excess salt, chilly and spices. These substances reduce the nutritional value of the vegetables.

– Cook the green leafy vegetables when they are fresh so that the nutritional value is maintained.

– Do not cut the vegetables in the evening and store it for the next day. Cut when they have to be cooked. This protects the nutritional value.

– Wash the vegetables nicely before cutting and cut into big pieces. Do not wash them again after cutting because the nutritional substances are washed out in water. The vegetable looses its nutritional value.

– Do not peel or cut the vegetables and soak it in water because this takes away their vitamins and mineral elements.