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Zyme Prime

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> I recently started my 3 yr old son on Zyme Prime - our first attempt at

> enzymes. He has been GFCF for over a year now. We added Zyme Prime (and

> eventually hope to add AFP Petizide next) to try and reduce the amount

> of diahrea he was having. We started really slow, we are now taking one

> capsule with each meal. But the diahrea is out of control! Does this

> mean he needs more, or that he cannot tolorate it?

Check the label. Is this the version that contains papain/bromelain?

If so, switch to the other version without those ingredients, see if

that helps.


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My son is very squeaky when I give him Zyme prime and I just wondered

if anyone had any ideas why this would be? I know it is not due to

yeast. My son is fine on No-fenol and DPP-IV with isogest fruit free.

AFP petzide also makes him hyper.

Much thanks


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