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advanced biocidin- first time experience - Help- Side effects?

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My son's stool test revealed yeast at 1+ but said it was not candida

albicans. His urine sample tested high for bacteria- so Our DAN Dr.

reccommended advanced biocidin- is this a good product- is there a

protocol? He said to take him off nystatin and use the biocidin. Do

people use a combo of GSE and Biocidin? When do I give the probiotics

when using this stuff because I don't want it to kill off the good guys.

I think the urine sample was from Metametrix labs. the doctor did not

tell me what kind of bacteria it was. Is there a way to find out? Does

the urine sample from this lab usually tell what the bacteria is? I

tried a drop of GSE with him and one cap no-fenol plus 1/2 cap afp-

and right after he was craving a lollypop which he hasn't asked for in

a while. But he was talking a little more then he got kind of tired -

so wonder if this is a good sign of some sort of die off? Thanks for

any advice. Wanda

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