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Well i did it, I had my lower jaw surgery yesterday

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I had my lower jaw surgery yesterday at 8am and was out of the

hospital at 5pm that day. It wasnt at bad, probaly the worst part

was when I woke up. I wasnt sick but the pain was really bad and I

couldnt talk. Finally when they brought me back to my room the nurse

gave me some morphine, which helped a bit. I had a big bandage going

around my face, and they had it really tight to prevent swelling,

this is what caused most of my pain. Also I had drainage tubes

stitched inside the sides of my neck!! Which was sort of a shock too

me, because they never told me thats how they were going to do it.

(Probaly because they didnt want to scare me. So at 5pm they took

how the bandage, which made it feel SO MUCH better, and then they

took out the drainage tubes from the sides of my neck, which wasnt

fun at all and was really scary, but i was so relieved to be going

home. So now its the next day, Im pretty swelled up, but the pain

isnt bad at all, its more stiff and tight and I talk alright. I just

wanted to thank everyone for the support and help. If anyone has any

questions, feel free to msg me or email me.


Canada, BC

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