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Question about meals/snacks and ketones

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We have a question of the methods of total daily nutrition that I'd

like some other input:

So here is the background:

Our IDEAL routine is offering solid foods at meals and snacks

throughout the day, each followed by a Dr. H recommended mixture of

milk/half & half by bottle. The solid foods are a variety mashed,

pureed and mixed to a texture that minimizes her elevated gag

reflex. Of course are working with several therapists on eating

issues and we are also consulting with a nutritionist who has us on

a mix of vitamins and supplements. When she drinks the bottle she

will usually continue until she tells us she is " all done " and then

hands us the bottle.

We know that Dalia seems to eat rather well at a certain meal times

if she doesn't have a solid food snack before the meal.

There is not a question that through her good eating at any one or

more particular solid food meals that she is getting the proper

DAILY nutrition. The concern is at any ONE particular snack whether

that solid food can be replaced by the less stressful bottle. Dental

issues aside, she is at least ingesting carbs, protein, sugars and

getting calories at snack time. But while there seems to be a lot of

talk about feeding the RSS kids snacks, there little discussion on

what those snacks consist of. Ideally, we'd love Dalia to sit down

and eat a sandwich on her own – but know that's not happening soon.

We (I) welcome anyone's input, insight or knowledge on the matter of

replacing several solid food snacks during the week with just a milk


We also haven't found the right person (Dr.s) to answer our question

on the concern of spilling ketones. While she doesn't have ongoing

ketone issues, we'd like to know if anyone has heard that spilling

them OR NOT, has any correlation to the type of food (solids or

liquids) that a child (particularly a RSS child) eats at any one

food sitting.


-husband to Sheryl, 38 yrs non-RSS/father of Dalia, 26 mos

RSS, Hanna 5 mos non-RSS

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