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Maddie update

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hey all!!

i talked to chrissy last night by phone. she hasnt been able to

call any one because her cell phone battery was dead and Princess

wouldnt let her out of the room to use the computer!! she is still

in the hospital, but in a reg. room out of special care. they did a

GI study and said her tube was fine, the guy say he didnt understand

why she is throwing up. they get back upstairs from the study and

she throws up all over the place (that was from just a little dye).

they said her nissan needs to be redone, bt her iron levels are so

low (which they dont understand why) so the surgeon was honest with

chrissy and said that they are afraid that if they open her all up

to do the nissan that she wont be able to handle the amount of blood

loss from the surgery. so that wont be an option. they need to

keep her hooked up to a vent while she is on feeds or she throws

up. chrissy's GI is still out of town, so they have to wait until

she gets back and talks to dr h to see what they can do. they tried

putting a small amount of corn starch in her tube again so she could

be off the pump for her 4 hours a day but then her BS shoots up to

the 200's. chrissy is very upset and doesnt know what to do for

this poor little thing. the only good thing is that madiie is in

good spirts and is acting like herself. keep them in your thoughts

and prayers!! chrissy is hoping to get discharged today if she can

kepp i believe she said 50 or 60cc down.

jodie c

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