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physical anomalies question

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Hey there

I was looking at True's pinkies...and I can't really tell that they curve

inward (and of course he's too young for me to tell him to hold his hands out

straight) but...when you straighten his fingers one by one and feel the

bones...the other three fingers go perfectly straight but the pinkie the bones

don't go all the way flat. Its especially on the joint closest to the hand.

Also, ever since true was a newborn, he has had these big tissue-type lumps

in his instep. I haven't seen them mentioned with RSS but the docs can't

figure them out. They are on both feet but one is bigger then the other but

then again...its that way throughout his whole body (the asymetry).

any comments?

deb...mom to four fab adopted kiddos... (07.04.96-05.26.03) with

Mitochondrial Myopathy...G, 6, with High Functioning Autism, Hypoglycemia and

Precocious Puberty...B, 4, with VERY mild Cerebral Palsy...and True 1yo, with

Neuromotor Disorder, Hypoglycemia, Myoclonus, ulcers, undiagnosed GI problems

plus severe food allergies (Eggs, Peanut, Milk, Soy, Corn, Rice, Oats and

Crab/Neocate-only), Plagiocephaly and Dysphagia....Married for 12 years to


swell guy!_ www.caringbridge.org/tn/wells/_

(http://www.caringbridge.org/tn/wells/) (http://www.lifeofloveproject.org/)

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