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Re: sleeping issues from treating hypoglycemia - additional comment to Deb B

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Deb - well, thanks for saying that - great advice.

- H


> Deb

> If for no other reason than your little guy needs his sleep, you

should be going back to your GI doctor and investigating a feeding

tube option. The second reason is that it will stabilize his blood

sugars and the third reason is you guys can get your sleep. But if

True is not getting his needed REM sleep each night, he is not going

to grow well and that is already an issue you have that should not

be compounded by the frequent feeding schedule.


> Deb


> Re: Re: sleeping issues from treating




> In a message dated 2/2/2006 10:11:47 AM Central Standard Time,

> earleyboys3@... writes:


> Deb - may I ask why you are waking him up every three hours?

Did a

> physician suggest this?

> yes...before our feeding schedule was 6a, 9a, 12p, 2p, 5p, 7p

and Midnight.

> Which still was a lot for a one year old, but he is on Neocate

only (an

> amino acid based formula) because of his major GI issues and

allergies. We plan

> to start food trails on the 19th of this month. But since we

had so many

> calories to cram in, and he vomitted when we tried to feed him

more volume and

> stretch it out. After the hypoglycemia started in January and

we were

> inpatient twice for it, they monitored his sugars every two

hours at night and saw

> during the 5 and 5 hours he usually fasts, he was dropping int

he low 60s so

> they said to go back to every three hours. The first time I

tried to fudge,

> he dropped to 52.


> If it is because of hypoglycemia I

> understand - but, sometimes they can go every four hours -


> would make it easier on you. Are you testing blood sugars at


> time too?


> we are but usually they are right around 80...sometimes in the

70s after

> three hours.


> If it were me and blood sugars seemed stable for certain

> lengths of time, I would try to lengthen the sleeping time if

> possible. What has your physician said and are you seeing an


> Sorry - I can't remember if you previously mentioned this.



> They came up wiht the plan...I can't believe they would expect

us to do this

> indefinitely. I mean, selfishly it would be nice to be able to

have more

> sleep. But unselfishly, its not good for him to have so much


> sleep.


> We are waiting for the nurse to call back with the

appt...nothing in our

> local endo's office moves quickly. We have been home a week and

left multiple

> msgs and they are 'working on it'. We saw 3 of the 4 local

endos while we

> were in for our two hospitalizations. The fourth one is our

other son's endo

> and I love her, but not sure who they are going to asign us to

since she wasn't

> on call when we were in.


> thanks...and looking forward to your thoughts!


> deb...mom to four fab adopted kiddos... (07.04.96-

05.26.03) with

> Mitochondrial Myopathy...G, 6, with High Functioning Autism,

Hypoglycemia and

> Precocious Puberty...B, 4, with VERY mild Cerebral Palsy...and

True 1yo, with

> Neuromotor Disorder, Hypoglycemia, Myoclonus, ulcers,

undiagnosed GI problems

> plus severe food allergies (Eggs, Peanut, Milk, Soy, Corn,

Rice, Oats and

> Crab/Neocate-only), Plagiocephaly and Dysphagia....Married for

12 years to F--one

> swell guy!_ www.caringbridge.org/tn/wells/_

> (http://www.caringbridge.org/tn/wells/)






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