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Re: head bones?

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The way it was explained to me was that sutures don't fully fuse

(100%) until our early 20s. It's just that they have begun the

fusing process by the time babies turn 2, which can slow process

with the band, that's why it's recommended to band earlier. Also, I

was told that the first 2 years are spent with the skull growing

outward in size, so the bone is still relatively thin, but then it

starts growing in thickness, bone on top of bone (like layers). So

with that comes possible additional improvement with the shape of

the skull (as I was told, my son's pronounced metopic suture should

become less dramatic as his bone thickens because it will

soften/round the angles of it). I'm not sure how long it takes for

the skull to reach it's ultimate thickness though. I do know that

our final head size is reached sometime in our teens.

So there is still a lot of growing for both of our boys to do, we

did what we could for the more severe asym, and now I guess we wait

to see what happens naturally from here. I do know that my son's

metopic suture is already less dramatic than it was, so I think some

of it may have been due to that fluid build up that is sometimes

mentioned here around some of the edges of the band. He did have a

ridge between the opening of the band that was just fluid and I

honestly haven't checked that area lately to see if that's gone away

yet. But I think maybe there was some fluid around the cap of his

band by that metopic suture that has now been reduced since


Anyway, that's what I know about skull growth...hope it helps.

Jake-2 (DOCBand Grad 9/19/08)


> > >

> > > So post band do yalls kids still have ridges at sutures or


> > not so

> > > round feeling bones when you feel the kids head? s seems


> > the back

> > > feels lumpy on one side of the lower back and he still has a


> > > prominant feeling ridge on the top especially toward the front.

> > he finished

> > > band the day after his 1st bday and he is alost 23 mo now

> > >

> > > --

> > > SC SAHM to:

> > > -12 -8½ -3½ ph-1½ -1 month

> > >

> > > " I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just


> > that He

> > > didn't trust me so much. "

> > > Mother

> > >

> >

> >

> >




> --

> SC SAHM to:

> -12 -8½ -3½ ph-1½ -1 month


> " I know God will not give me anything I can't handle. I just wish

that He

> didn't trust me so much. "

> Mother


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