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Re: day 2 helmet- is sliding normal?

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Hey - Luke's helmet DEFINITELY has a lot of space in the

front and back where eventually (hopefully!) his head will fill it

in. It moves a tiny little bit, but not a lot. His " sideburns " make

him a little red, too... I think I put his helmet back on a little

too early last night after I cleaned it with the rubbing alcohol -

tonight I realized it wasn't fully dry when I went to put it back on,

and it occurred to me that the redness on his forehead that showed up

this morning was because his skin was irritated from the alcohol last

night! I felt so bad! Oh well - lesson learned!

So far he's been pretty good about sleeping with it on. Does McKenna

sleep on her belly yet? As soon as my oldest started to roll onto

his belly that's the only way he ever wanted to sleep - so I wonder

what will happen with Luke when he starts rolling... like if the

helmet will get in the way or something.... But so far he really

just doesn't seem to be bothered by the helmet at all whether he's

awake or asleep. I don't know if it's because he's just so young or

because he's so easygoing (he has his daddy's personality! ;-)

You'll have to keep me posted, too - we seem to be at the same stage

of this journey!



> > From: jsydney07 <jsydney07@...>

> > Subject: Re: day 2 helmet- is sliding normal?

> > Plagiocephaly

> > Date: Saturday, October 11, 2008, 4:25 PM

> > Hi !

> > McKenna got her helmet - that's great! Luke got his

> > from Cranial

> > Tech on Monday, and we had the same issue. That very first

> > visit,

> > they shaved off part of the front so it didn't push his

> > eyebrow down

> > quite as bad. Then I had to check for redness every three

> > hours (is

> > that what your orthotist is having you do?). Luke was

> > getting pretty

> > red in two spots, so I called and they had me bring him in

> > so they

> > could take a look. This was his third day wearing it.

> > They shaved

> > down those two areas and it's been great ever since.

> > He does still

> > get some redness around the front, just above the eyebrows,

> > but it's

> > more heat related than pressure related (I'm an

> > Occupational

> > Therapist and I have over 10 years of experience making

> > splints, so

> > luckily I felt prepared to deal with all of this and can

> > recognize

> > the difference... ). They told me to go ahead and use

> > cortisone

> > cream (1% or less - I'm using Aveeno) on the reddened

> > areas, and it

> > really helps.

> >

> > Give the orthotist a call if you haven't already -

> > it's usually a

> > pretty quick fix from what I've heard and experienced.

> >

> >

> > Good luck!!!!

> > Jess


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