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RE: A1C Test results

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Are you guys leaving out a decimal on these A1C results? The normal levels I'm familiar with are around 4-6%. Values of 8-9% are definitely elevated. One thing to remember is that the A1C gives you an average. If your b/s swings wildly, you could have a normal A1C even though you have a lot of abnormal values. That happened with my mom in her last few months. As her Alzheimer's worsened & she wasn't eating & taking her meds properly (before I realized how bad it was getting), her sugars went from 40 to 280, up & down, but her A1C was fine! I loved the website for her meter (Accucheck, I think). I could plug the meter in, or just type in the latest values, & print out these nifty charts; one chart showed the trends over 30-90 days, with any values out of the desired range (high or low); I could get a chart showing trends by days of the week, or by time of day. That was very helpful, as it showed that later in the week & later in the evening she was more likely to have elevated sugars. I adjusted her meds & snacks accordingly. These programs are great & are free. You might have to buy a cable to download info from the meter to your computer, but it's really not much of a chore to just type it in yourself if you do it often.

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To: Neurosarcoidosis From: tiodaat2001@...Date: Sat, 1 Nov 2008 19:44:44 -0700Subject: Re: A1C Test results

Sharon, nice link, thank you for sharing.

As for the pancreas and sarc-- all of our organs are susceptible, soft tissue or not. The A1C when over 69 is indicitive of diabetes, but some docs (mine included) choose to wait until you hit 80 before they prescribe medication-- they'd rather see us get it under control with diet and exercise.

One word of advice for all of us-- check to see what glucose meters are covered under your prescription health plan. That way you won't be paying huge copays for "Non-formulary" test strips and such. For example, if I get one of the newest meters that use the disk type measuring-- my copay for 90 days of supplies for that disk would be $110. But if I get one that is approved under my plan, I pay $22 for the test strips. A huge difference, when the bucks are running short these days.

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A1C Test resultsHey Ya'll, Just received my A1C test results, scored 77. NO sugar DiabetesDoc says I may have water Diabetes. I will will have to do that test.Glade it is not the the sugar type variety. I have good friend who hasthat. Reason for Doc thinking I had it was due to my extreme thirstand using the restroom 15-20 times a day. Well any way changingcaregivers due to Doc saying I was over the first time in June, andthen August having a relapse with a vengeance. Now I am going to UTSWin Dallas, Texas for care. I am told UTSW did the first studies insarcoidosis. I hoping this is good idea.Greg the Krumdawg------------ --------- --------- ------~~~~ *** ~~~ *** ~~~ *** ~~~~The Neurosarcoidosis CommunityNS CHAT:- FAITH CHAT: SUNDAY 4PM-5PM EASTERN TIME CHATROOM LINK: http://www.sarcbudd ies.com/chat Message Archives:-http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Neurosarco idosis/messagesMembers Database:-Listings of locations, phone numbers, and instant messengers.http://groups. yahoo.com/ group/Neurosarco idosis/database

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