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I definitely see the red marks and 5 hours is way too long for them to

still be visible. But do you have any pictures of him with the helmet

on and how it rests against his neck? Are the red marks being caused by

the inside foam area (meaning it's too thick and needs to be shaved

out), or the bottom edge of the foam/plastic? If it's the bottom edge,

I'm not sure how much they can cut off without ruining the

integrity/holding points of the helmet. I don't know about their

helmet specifically, but generally, it does need to come pretty far

down in the back to hold the prominent side and control the growth of

the flat spot on the bottom part of the head. If they can't fix the

problem, do you have any other helmet options in your area?

Jake-21m (tort resolved/rt plagio/DOCBand #2 2weeks)



> The curved part is still there. I added a couple of pics showing

where the red marks are. Those are two hours after I took the helmet

off. Five hours after the marks were still visible but faded.


> Thanks for your help

> Lou Ann



> lawoman1729@...

> Lou Ann Fugate


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