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Re: pain question, julia from

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Hi, I just had a thought on what your asking, Before I was dxd with NS in 2001 I had fallen up the stairs and hurt my wrist, it was very minor, but as the days went on my hand, wrist and upper arm began to swell and it felt like a million needles were sticking me in the hand and arm, than my whole hand and arm started to get dry and gray looking, I went through loads of tests and finally I was dxd with RSD Reflex symathedic dystophy. I fought it for about 2 years and I had to have 7 stellon ganglon blocks.

When i finally was Dxd with NS the Neuro told me, that since I have NS that is why I went on to get the RSD. due to my nerveous system damage.

Just a thought...

many hugs and blessings

My son (10 in a few weeks) may have sarcoid... still waiting on definitive dx. He has recently developed a new type of pain. On his arm (inside part) from elbow to wrist, he feels real pain. He thinks he has burnt himslef (he hasn't) and needed pain meds last night just for that.He says, "when did I burn my arm?" There is no discoloration. Does this sound like sarcoid pain to anyone. I hate when he develops a new symptom. Most of the sarcoid stuff has been neurological -- dizziness, loss of balance, loss of arm strength... he does have pains but a lot are associated with his arthritis. (or headaches) This is definitely skin pain. Thanks for any answers,

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