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Happy Anniversary!! I can't imagine that someone stayed so long with one person!

We just had our 32nd and our kids think we are wonderful staying together.


To: Neurosarcoidosis From: arney@...Date: Sat, 8 Nov 2008 10:25:20 -0500Subject: Re: it's so quiet

Hi Tracie and all,

Well, I am here, but that is not saying very much. I have been so busy these last few

weeks -- had one daughter here from Savannah, GA and I wanted to spend all the time I

could with her -- then there is my oldest daughter, Carlena, who I am trying to support as

she is going through a nasty divorce -- I am still trying to keep my newest granddaughter a

couple of days a week (which I think is going to have to end as hubby has been doing most

of the work for the past 2 or 3 months), and I have been trying to help out my daughter in

her business as she is behind -- plus I have been fighting a bad flare-up and have several new

problems with sarc, which I have questions about but will ask them in a different email. I

do apologize about not being around much........this whole summer has been a nightmare.

Good thing is::: We celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary and I am still alive and

kicking! We did not do anything as neither of us felt like it, but the kids have planned a

large reception for us at our church, on Nov. 15th! I just hope I am able to get through


Welcome to all the new members.......I have been watching and reading as they joined.

Prayers going out for all who need them and Happy Birthday to all who have celebrated


Hope to be better soon............

PS I have been working on the archives a little each day.

Love to all,


NS Co-Owner/Moderator

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