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Hi Marla

I did not forget you, it is just the past few days has been crazy. With my sister in-law, they finally only told her yesterday that her baby boy had died. And due to there muslim beleifs the husband already buried the baby the day it died, after the autopsy. So due to her c-section her family wanted he to heal some before they told her, so yesterday her husband showed her the death certificate, and she broke down. She told sherif, that he lied to her, and he told her he didn't know how to tell her.

She told sherif, she just wanted to see him, because after the c-section she was asleep and didn't even get to see the baby. I told sherif, she was going to say this, I am a women and I know what a women wants and feels.

So anyhow, Than my sister called me at 4am crying that her daughter in-law beat her up and she needed to go to the er. So I called 911. here it turns out her husband and son were there and would not take her. So between school and all this family stuff i've just been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Now today I have 2 classes so I will not be home till after 3pm. I'll try to catch up with you then.

How are you feeling after your treatment? I did ask b4 in my last post , but maybe you missed it.

you take care and we will chat soon.

many hugs and a pain free day

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