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Re: new.. helmet from u of m (michigan)

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I was just wondering what mod podge is? I was hoping to do a " Cars " ,

the movie theme, and I noticed there were pictures of one done. Are

just regular stcikers used or do you have to use some type of decal?

Thanks to everyone for the warm welcome and advice it has been very

helpful! :)

> >

> > Hello,

> >

> > I just discovered this board.. My 3rd son born in nov 07, was dx

> as

> > having plagio (12mm) at 6 months. He is now almost 7 mos (on


> > 9th). We went ahead and decided to do treatment. We received his

> > helmet yesterday. I was really unaware of this type of problem.

> we

> > first started to notice his head getting flat at around 3 1/2 to


> > mos. His ped told us to reposition...blah blah ...that did'nt

> work

> > so at his 6 month check up she referred us to U Of M...we


> the

> > helmet a couple of days after the appt. we were really unaware

> that

> > their were other bands/helmets available (doc/ starband). Well

> now

> > after doing research on here...I'm really worried that his


> is

> > not going to work as well as the doc/star. anyone with


> > from the U of M? It was custom made (they did the scanner thing

> not

> > the casting) if anyone has any info on them please share it...We

> > already paid for 1/2 of it $600 our insurance paid for the other

> > half. this seems cheap to me after seeing how much some of you

> have

> > paid for yours. Of course you get what you pay for...so I am

> pretty

> > concerned..

> >

> > next ? I plan on painting it and decorating it with stickers..I

> see

> > alot of people do paint, stickers and then mod podge? if I do it

> in

> > this order...am I stuck with the stickers or is there a way to

> remove

> > them and re do or repaint it?

> >

> > I will post some pictures of him when I get a chance...

> >

> >

> > Thank you,

> >

> > , mom to 7 1/2, Christian 4 1/2 & Chase almost 7 months

> >


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