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Hey Guys,

Thought I would share what has been happening lately and I am pretty

disappointed. My rheumatologist was writing my orders for cytoxan and

everything was well. My neuro doesn't do any infusions except for MS.

Well, the rheumy, who also did pain management has had his medical

license suspended temporarily. He has a hearing scheduled in September

but my fear is that he will either have a long suspension or he will

loose his license. He is a wonderful person who was the only one to

correspond with s Hopkins and try to figure something out.

Well, I just had an appointment with the new rheumy, whom I like very

much. But, she doesn't use the cytoxan much due to the future risks of

things such as bladder cancer. So, I am back to square one with the new

doc. Of course, the questions came up about all of my problems being in

my head, or emotional, etc. She is rerunning all of the blood work

again and I just had the C, T and L spine done on MRI. It has been

years since this has been done but I won't have results for a couple of


You can guess since I have not had treatment since mid-July that my

symptoms are now starting to return. I thank God for the reprieve, but

it has been an unbelievable set back. Can you believe it?

I have finally accepted the circumstances so I have finished my pity

party and felt like opening up.

I wish everyone on the Gulf Coast remains out of harms way and I am

praying you will be able to return to your homes soon.

Terri G.

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