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Re: Pediatrician and Neuro surgeon are not ready to give prescription f

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the peds that say the head will round out on its own don't necessarily

know what they are talking about. Most are very ignorant about plagio.

If you check the Olderplag group you'll see these peds are often wrong

and people miss the window for treatment only to find the plagio is

still there later.

My daughter wore a starband for brachy and got good correction.

However her head hasn't really improved any more since she graduated

at 10 mo old. So I attribute all the correction to the band, and don't

think " rounding out on its own " is true. She was early for all her

milestones and walking by the time she graduated, so she wasn't

spending time on her head.


sydney 2.5 yrs starband grad

> >

> > Hi

> >

> > My 6 1/2 month son has very bad flat head on his back and also has

> > some flatness on his right side. We noticed it when he was 2 months

> > old. Our pediatrician asked me to do aggressive repositioning . At

> > that time, I was completely ignorant of this flat head problem and

> > could not do aggressive repositioning. But I made sure he was not on

> > his back in the day time. My baby started sleeping through the

> nights

> > from his second month itself and this increased his flat head a lot.

> > At his 4th month check up, the pediatrician referred him to a neuro

> >


> surgeon. The neuro surgeon asked us to reposition the baby's head

> and

> > see if it changes anything . We have been repositioning him at night

> > times too. I have been making him sleep on his left side .

> >

> > Now he is 61/2 months old and we don't see any significant change in

> > his head shape. He has severe flat head on the back and some

> flatness

> > on the right. So we asked the neuro surgeon to give prescription

> for a

> > helmet hoping that we will get our baby start on helmet ASAP and he

> > would have a nice round head in 3-4 months. To our surprise, the

> neuro

> > surgeon is not ready to put the baby on helmet. Moreover he says by

> > the time the baby goes to school, the flat head would be

> unnoticeable.

> > We are not convinced with it because he has severe flat head. So I

> > contacted my pediatrician hoping she will understand and give

> > prescription for

> helmet.

> But she said she would not do that and

> asked

> > me to contact the neuro surgeon again to see he if he will agree

> this

> > time. This is so frustrating .

> >

> > I don't have any family here for support . I am really frustrated

> and

> > depressed. I want to do what ever I can do for my baby to help with

> > his flat head. Has any of you guys ever had such a situation? Any

> > advise would be very helpful.

> >

> > Thanks

> >




> ------------------------------------


> For more plagio info

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