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Re: lots of questions, new to all of this...

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I am an xray tech and mother of a daughter with plagio and tort so I

will try and answer your question. What was he looking for in

ordering the xray. My daughter also had an xray to see if the sutures

were fused. Sometimes you need a cat-scan to see this b/c the

resolution on the xrays aren't as good as a cat-scan. There is more

radation to the face involved with cat-scan but it would be nessecary

if unable to tell if the sutures were fused from the plain xray film.

As for an MRI I'm not sure why he would want that. That shows brain

and muscles and tissues not boney structures. Sedation would be

needed b/c a MRI takes anywhere from 30 min. to 1 hour or longer. You

also have to lie prefectly still for the entire thing. A Cat-scan is

very fast. We go to Cranial Tech. in Annondale, Virginia and love it

there. I'm note sure how long of a drive that would be for you. We

travel 2 hours one way to get there. I also checked into the Kennedy

Inst. but we never made an apt. there. My daughterd wasn't that bad

but from what I've read it is a very good place. Hope this helps

> >

> > My daughter is now six months old. At 4 months we started PT for


> > torticollis. It has responded somewhat, but not enough. This week


> > ped. referred us to a neurologist who recommends the Starband b/c


> > her facial asymmentry.. ... my questions

> >

> > - Although we have had an x-ray, should we still have an MRI to


> > out any underlying issues? The neurologist said he was on the


> > about it since it involved sedation.

> >

> > - Has anyone had a good/bad experience w/ the STARband in

Columbia, Md?

> > Should I drive little further and do a DOC band instead?

> >

> > - I plan to get a second opinion from another neurologist. Has


> > ever gone to Dr. Ahn (Hopkins) or Kenney Kreiger..any


> >

> > Thanks!

> >


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