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Re: I'm concerned about my son's growth in helmet...

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This link shows the plagio, brachy and scaphy head shapes. Plagio and

brachy are far more common than scaphy and babies can have a combo of

the two.

Growth does slow as babies get older, so you'll get better correction

before 1 year old, but many get good correction after too. Make sure

your ortho's answers make sense and his head is not getting

worse(which was your concern). If it is getting worse you would want

to get a new ortho, not just a new/bigger helmet.

Let us know how your appt goes.


sydney 2.5 yrs starband grad

> >

> > Hi,

> >

> > My son, Nicolas, is going to be 7 months on the 11th of July. He has

> > positional plagio. and torticollis on his right side. He started

> > wearing a helmet at 4 1/2 months. (I'm not sure the difference

> > between the doc bands or starbands... my dr. has never specified


> > one we have) We had a problem with it rubbing the skin on the back of

> > his head so he has had to keep it off for a few weeks out of that

> > time to heal. But I felt confident with his growth until recently.

> > Nicolas has mild to severe flattening on the back left side of his

> > head and no noticable facial assymmetry. (He's very handsome!) We

> > visit his ortho dr every 2 weeks since it's an out of town office and

> > I'm not sure if that's enough. I've started noticing, in pictures

> > more than anything, that his head seems to be getting much wider and

> > making assymmetry more noticable in his face. He's a very big boy for

> > his age (24 pounds 32 " ) so it could be just an akward phase of

> > growing. I just hope it's not because of the shape of his helmet. The

> > improvements that I have noticed are, looking from the top and

> > flattened sides, his head seems to be over-all rounder, and there is

> > a bump that looks like he got knocked on the flat spot almost. The

> > bump is growing and his dr say that is good growth and will

> > eventually fill out the gap in his helmet. I'm not sure if that's

> > normal or not.

> >

> > I have added pictures to " Our plagio babies N " . His album is " Nicolas

> > S. "

> >

> > I guess my main concern is if his growth sounds normal?? And what typ

> > of helmet he has??

> >

> > On a good note, Nicolas had pretty severe torticollis and his

> > physical therapists say he is doing amazing! We go twice a week and

> > do exercises at home, which seem to be taking care of the problem!

> >

> > Any advice would be great,

> > Alix

> >


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