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Re: First Day In A Sweaty Helmet

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OK, this is just an example, since I'm not sure of Aiden's exact

head shape. But say for instance Aiden's flat spot is on the back

right side of his head. Typically this means there is forehead

bossing on the right side of the forehead. His " flat " areas (where

there would be space between his head and the foam to allow it grow

more symmetrically) would be the BACK RIGHT of his head (where the

flat spot is) and the FRONT LEFT of his forehead (the side opposite

the bossing). The " prominent " areas would be the areas being held in

place by the band (the head would be in direct contact with the

foam). In this example, the prominent areas would be the BACK LEFT

of the head (the side opposite the flat spot) and the FRONT RIGHT of

the forehead (where the bossing is).

If there is no forehead bossing, I believe the helmet would hold all

across his forehead evenly and therefore the only flat area where

holes should be drilled would be the back right where the flat spot


Are Aiden's holes all across the back, or only to one side? And is

it the side with the flat spot?

Jake-21m (tort resolved/rt plagio/DOCBand #2 1 week)


> >

> > Well yesterday was the big day, we got our STARband! Dylan did

> really

> > great. He wore the band on the drive home and was able to fall

> asleep

> > in it :-) I was very worried that he would hate it but I don't

> think he

> > knows it is even there. I noticed at first that he had a little

> trouble

> > holding his head up, but by the end of the night he was fine. It

> was

> > harder on my husband and I than him, he just kept playing and

> chatting

> > up a storm.

> > I know the sweating is suppose to be bad but I could actually


> the

> > sweat dripping down his face. I am hoping someeone had the same

> > experience and can tell me it gets better. He was dressed in a

> tank top

> > romper and still sweating. I am just worried because we are in


> > Diego and it was 80 degrees yesterday. I know it is only going


> get

> > hotter and I want him to be comfortable. We are going to get his

> hair

> > cut today in hopes that it will help too.

> >


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