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Re: Im thinking about doing a story on my local new

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gonzalez from KSAT told me she thinks its gonna play 5/23/08 at

5pm and 6pm and maybe the nightbeat. its not forsure yet. but when it

is she said she will call me!

> >> > I emailed my local news station about my sons

plagiocephaly and > how he > > is getting his helmet tommorrow and

they want to do a story on it > and > > the news anchor was really

excited cause she has never heard of > Plagio > > before. they are

going with me and my husband to the doctors > > appointment for my

son when he gets his helmet. I really want to > do > > this story so

we can get more and more people to know about Plagio > and > >

torticollis. Im excited but alittle un easy about tommmorow cause > I

> > want it to be as stress free for my son as possible. What do yall

> think > > should I dod it or should I decline.> >>







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