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Re: Fitting Problems

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Hi Amy-

My son has a DOCBand so it might be different, but when he got his

second one (not because of poor fit, just to get more correction),

we still had to follow the break in period the first couple of days,

because it is a new band and they have to be sure it fits properly

(he also was very aware of it that first day I think because it did

have a different feel to it). So it might just be that maybe it

shouldn't have been on as long on the first day, and hopefully it's

not another poor fit.

How loose is the band? Is it rotating excessively around his head,

or is it more that it just isn't snug. If it's rotating a lot, that

would not be good. But if you just have that feeling that it's not

quite snug enough, it should probably be fine. They do make it a

little loose in the beginning so he can grow into it. Not having red

marks in the pressure areas does not necessarily mean it's not snug

where it needs to be (my son has not had a red spot in his prominent

areas at all with 2 bands but I know it's working the way it


I personally would not recommend going back and forth between the

two bands. First of all, was the second one made from a new

cast/scan? (It should have been). The second band has been made to

fit his headshape as it appeared 4 or 5 weeks after wearing the

first helmet. So it should fit better and be more effective than the

old one. Because it is made to his current shape, it should have new

and possibly different pressures that should work out well.

Also, has a lot of foam been scraped out of the first one to get it

to fit better? Because that would mean he may not be able to wear

that one as long. And a loose helmet is much better than a tight one

because a tight one could have adverse effects on the head shape

(the head can start growing upwards out of the hole rather than into

the spaces it needs to because it is being squeezed and has no other

place to go).

I hope you get the fit worked out. Good luck!

Jake-22m (tort resolved/rt plagio/DOCBand #2 6 weeks)


> >

> > My son Bryson is on his second Starband helmet as of yesterday.


> got his original helmet about 5 weeks ago with many fitting


> deep red spots, blistering, and tightness. After 6 appointments the

> ortho was able to shave the orginal one down to fit ok in the mean

> time until his second helmet was made (which we had to beg and


> for). The ortho put the new one on and made some adjustments After

> leaving,my son was a little fussy but I figured that it was him


> getting used to the way the new one felt. When I took it off at


> time he had large pressure marks where the closure of the helmet


> It looks like it was pinching the skin together. But the rest of


> helmet is really loose on him. Is this normal to have the helmet

> really loose to where it moves around on his head. His orginal one

> never did that so I don't know which one " fits " better. The ortho

> said that OrthoAmerica makes the helmets loose so that there is


> > room, it that true? I thought that there was supposed to be

> pressure on the spots that buldged out on the sides and loose in


> back where the flat spot is. Any suggestions?

> >

> > Amy

> > Bryson's mom-6 1/2 months old

> > Eau , WI

> >


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