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Re: Having Doubts

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, thank you for your openness/honesty about your feelings. I

knew early on that had tort/plagio and I really tried to do

the neck exercises. Repo was slow at first bc he had severe reflux.

We couldn't put him on his tummy w/o the pressure making him

regurgitate (sp?). He would scream in pain so I would be forced to

keep him upright either by holding him or having him in a

swing/bouncy seat. Since he couldn't turn his head, of course it got

really flat. But, I have felt horrible guilty about letting that

happen. I am a SAHM, so I thought if anyone, I should have plenty of

time to hold him/keep him off his head. But, with a two year old, I

couldn't hold the baby all day or even as much as I wanted to.

was not neglected, but unfortunately the combo of acid reflux

and torticollis was a bad one. I do often wonder if people think I

neglected him and that's why he has plagio. Guess we can't control

what other's think. And at least the helmet's working! Good to hear

from you! ~

*8mo*tort resolved*lft plagio*STARband 4 weeks

Conner *2 years

Eastern NC

> >

> > Am I doing the right thing? My son was diagnosed with tort


> > plagio at his 2mo well visit. His ped gave us instructions for


> > tort and that was fairly easily resolved at home over the next


> > months. By then he had moderate plagio and we did repositioning


> > the following two months. The plagio worsened and 's


> > started bulging out on one side, and his eyes and ears grew out


> > alignment. His ped prescribed a helmet at his 6mo well visit and


> > month later he started wearing a STARband. He's had it for four

> > weeks and we've already seen improvement. It is exciting to see


> > difference and the helmet no longer bothers him at all. It's like

> > it's not even there. That being said, I'm starting to have second

> > thoughts about this whole helmet thing. It occurred to me that

> > before I had my own children I worked in child care centers for


> > years and taught 1st and 2nd grade for 5 years. In the entire

time I

> > was working with these young children I never noticed anyone's


> > being misshapen. Maybe I'm just not that observant, but never in


> > years did I think, " Why is his/her head flat? " Until was

> > diagnosed, I had never heard of plagio or babies wearing orthotic

> > helmets. So, my question is, what if the doctors that are

> > saying, " It will round out on it's own. " are right? If it takes a

> > helmet to correct plagio, why were all those kid's heads that I

> > taught `just fine'? Are there any studies/formal research about

> > helmet therapy vs. no treatment? How do we know this is the way


> > go?

> >

> > Langston

> > * 8mo * tort resolved * left plagio * STARband four weeks

> > Conner * 2yrs * never banded * Charlie Brown head (except with


> >


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