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Nita - infections without jaundice

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How many of you have gone up till now with infections but no jaundice?>>>


Until a few months prior to tx the only symptoms I had were the infections without jaundice. Usually I was treated with oral antibiotics but twice the docs chose IV antibiotics. Maybe because of the recurring infections my docs kept a closer eye on my liver with frequent CT scan and ERCP's. When it was time for tx it was the infections that earned me extra meld points which boosted my score up enough to get me tx sooner. The fact that your docs say you are doing fine because you haven't lost weight or become jaundiced is cause for concern in my eyes. People with psc exhibit different symptoms all of which they need to pay attention to. Are you seeing doctors who are very familiar with psc?



UC - 1965, ileostomy - 1972, BCIR (continent pouch) 1994, PSC - 1995, arthritis 2007, tx 11.29.07married 29 years , 5 sons, 2 daughters in law, 1 granddaughter, 1 grandson , granddaughter due 3/09 and 1 golden retriever

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Thanks Darcy and Carolyn,

I was beginning to wonder why my internist kept saying I wasn’t

that bad off if I wasn’t jaundiced – at least this seems to be pretty common.


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Hi Barby,

My hepatologist isn’t saying that – my internist is. No, she’s

not all that familiar with PSC. But then she also says I know my own body and

if I start getting chills, should get right into the hospital.


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This is exactly the point I have made in the past -- thanks to

learning this from my infectious disease specialist. If you are

having an invasive procedure, why not do a culture? BTW, I have had

horrible, even life-threatening infections and have never been

jaundiced and have never had a positive set of blood cultures. go figure.


-- In , " " wrote:


> Darcy and Nita,


> I wonder if an ERCP

> including a bacteria culture might help your doctor select a more

> effective antibiotic?


> (Sacramento) dx PSC and US 2001.

> >

> > Nita,

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