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Just Checking In

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Cait I will continue to keep you in my prayers. Hope you feel better soon.



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..Just checking in and worried by Sharon's absence? I sure hope she's okay. I've not been on the computer the last few days because our silly weather decided to hit around 100F which is not usual. I'm having a horrible time with it. This room upstairs with the computer is unbearable.

Also a kidney infection that keeps me up all night, every friggin' 15 minutes. I cut my fluids down at night but still up all the time. And getting very very angry with insurance because still no window or settlement for the floors. Yelling seems to work which is a sad statement because they 'accidently' put my ordered window that had come in who knows when in the wrong place. So they say they'll install it Monday. I sure hope so because creepy crawlies can get in through the plywood and I don't want them!

Akiba, congrats on how your relationship with Yogi is going. But girl, why do you have to fall for someone half a world away???? Somehow I just can't picture you living in an ashram altho my idea of one is the old school kind. Oh and btw, nothing with the Augen, methinks it's toast.

Anyway hope everyone is well and Tina, my gf and 's blood sugar rises quite a bit under stress or with pain. Anyway outta here for now ... hugs, Cait aka she who cannot sweat!

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