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Homemade Versus Store Bought

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When people ask the moderators to make a legality judgement on some food you


found, ( organic or conventional ) that is clearly not included on SCD you

cannot expect

them to approve without the following:

One needs a hand written ( not email or fax) signed letter regarding the


manufacturing process and a testimony that there are no undisclosed ingredients

from the

producer of the food. If convenience matters to such an extent, please procure


information and still I would caution other list members to just stick to what

is already


SCD has so many foods. In six years of being on the diet, I have never been

frustrated by

making a legal substitution or not being able to use a convenience food. My

tolerance of a

number of foods was limited at the start but soon expanded as I abandoned


pre SCD choices like rice.

Let's assume we give a sort of grudging tolerance of the product in question and


child or you do not do well. We cannot be sure it's not because of the

questionable food

Having an autistic child or more than one and cooking from scratch is naturally


consuming. But I recall my grandmother and her friends often had at least five

to seven

children ( and sometimes their friends as guests) to cook for and came up with


meals when most of today's convenience foods did not exist.

The plethora of " new: " food is contributing to health problems in addition to

the rampant

obesity in the general population. We have additional challenges. Sugar, starch,


additives etc. are the last things WE need while trying to heal.

So, be sure, keep it pure!

Carol F.

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