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Re: Border-Lines Newsletter

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I was wondering if you had read about what happened with the government on

Wed. There was a bill before the House for vote. It is called The Budget

Reconciliation. We were urging our reps from our state of NJ to vote no, but it

passed anyway, by, get this, only two votes.

It passed 216-214 with 3 people not voting. Damn I wish our voices could be


The programs most affected by this bill are medicare, medicaid, childrens

services, help for the needy, programs like that and most of all, mental health.

Cuts across the board. Our children will suffer the most. There's a website

you can get this information on .

www.FamiliesUSA.org. It's a sad day.

I myself as a caregiver for my father have already felt the affects of budget

cuts. I spent the last three months trying to relocate my father to another

Adult Day Care center as the one he loved so much was closing due to budget


I felt first hand too what happens when money is not spent properly. There

are many facilities in our state to handle mental health issues, but only 7 for

minors. And out of those 7 I MIGHT consider saying I liked one of them. I

fear those 7 are now in jeopardy of closing.

Just when you think maybe more and more people are becoming aware of the

mental health problems facing this nation, more plugs are being pulled on


them. Even the needy, the poor on welfare, will have to start shelling out of

their empty pockets to get medical attention and medicine. It's a shame. I

have good insurance, and ran into many block walls my self trying to get the

care my daughter needed. Every facility she was in, the insurance would only

cover 6 days at a time. Imagine someone w/no insurance.


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