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I have just read all of the short posts, saving the long ones for later when i feel better.

was going to wait to respond, but ......

Welcome to all of the newbies. Sorry you are here, but glad you found us.

Social Security--call your local social security office and/or go on line to get all of the forms

there is a lot of paperwork for disabilty

some people have had their interviews by telephone

I went to the office, with my oxygen and no make-up

i wanted to look the part

The rumor about people with pf not living long enough to collect social security disabilty is not true as far as I know

The rumor about people with pf not living long enough to go on medicare is not true for me and most of the others on the board. That's the one with the 2 year wait. Very unfair system. Makes me angry. Wrote to some congresspeople about changing the law. Nothing happened.

I needed to go into savings, during the 2 year wait. Medical premiums were high and still need to live.

Had my social security appointment in February, the money was in my bank account before receiving a letter informing me. They counted back 6 months to the last time that I worked.

pulmonary doc said that people on supplemental O2 usually get approved

once on ss disablity, it is possible to work part time

the people who interview you will tell you the monthly or yearly limit that you are allowed to earn

i continued to substitute teach for a little while after going on disabilty, but found I didn't have the stamina, and the classroom has lots of germs for me to pick up

sometimes the disease makes talking difficult, so reading stories to the children was difficult

still fantasize about working part time but haven't pursued it

good luck with your social security pursuits

contact the agency for the "most accurate" information

my social security experience was a positive one

Pink Joyce IPF 3/06 Pennsylvania

Donate Life

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