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On 2/28/06 8:48 AM, " Listen-Up " <Listen-Up >


> We've never had anyone really work one on one teaching. I don't think I have

> a good reason to ask for TOD services because I don't know how to prove he

> needs it. I always come up against this because performs very well. I

> believe the team's attitude would be that he doesn't need it and they would

> wait to see if there were problems in the classroom later. I worry how they

> would know if there were problems for . I just feel kind of stuck in

> knowing what to ask for. I don't want to miss out on anything. I hear about

> so many things that other people have and I wonder if I should be asking for

> them too. Then I think maybe doesn't need that. I understand each child

> is unique. I mentioned something in our last meeting about how I'd like

> to learn the lyrics of songs presented in class. He loves singing but he

> often misses lots of words and just makes stuff up. I asked if sending the

> lyrics home would be something that would go in an IEP or if that's something

> I just discuss with the classroom teacher. They said I could work it out with

> the teacher. I asked if this would be something that the teacher would look

> out for or if a TOD could pre teach. His itinerant who is the case manager

> said " Oh no, there would be no pre teaching at this point. " So who does pre

> teaching and how do you determine if it's needed? What type of things would

> be pre taught in kindergarten? has a lot of support at home and I do a

> lot of learning activities with him so I think that's why he does so well in

> school and seems advanced. In a way I've probably pre taught him and will

> continue to do so.

My experience/opinion probably differs from most here-but I'll offer it for

what it's worth. When my son began second grade-and he was only 6 at that

time- (that was the point where he was mainstreamed full time) they asked me

at his IEP if I wanted any pull-out services and what I wanted. I said that

I'd rather he wasn't pulled out (because I think for everything you're

pulled out for-you're missing something else) until and unless I saw that he

needed it. He has an older sister, so I had some idea of where he should be

and what was coming and felt comfortable knowing where he was. I had a good

relationship with everyone at his school (teacher, interpreter, principal

etc.) so I didn't feel like if I gave up something now, I would never get it

back. He was a VERY early (before 3) reader and in second grade was 2-4

years ahead of grade level in reading and math. He was able to learn new

words in context (a key skill.) Probably the hardest adjustment for him was

paying attention to the interpreter-and that didn't really come until he saw

the need for it--and the consequences of not paying attention. In all his

years of school (he graduated from HS last year) he never had any TOD

services, tutoring etc. He did have some speech services early on, and had

note-takers in middle and high school, but that was it. (He graduated #1 in

his high school class on 500+ with a 4.7+ GPA and is now at UCLA.)

If you son needs any services, I wouldn't hesitate to ask for them. BUT I

wouldn't ask for them just because they may be available. Just my .02.


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