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even if surgury is required you are lucky to have caught it at this

point. I've heard kids do great with the surgery, although obviously

you don't want to see them go through this. there is a site that deals

more with cranio - you may want to check it out:



sydney 2 yrs starband grad

> >

> > Well, some of you were wondering why Greta's head looked the way it

> > did, with both sides looking flat. I dont have good news. Even though

> > my pediatrician diagnosed her with plagio, my gut told me

> > otherwise... SO, I made an appt with a neursurgeon. ..the


> > felt her head, kept feeling it, and feeling it, very silent. I was

> > like, oh crap. I know what he is looking for. He said, I am going to

> > send Greta down for an XRAY of her skull. I asked, " why, you think

> > that the bones are coming together too quickly? " he said, " yes, I

> > cant feel a space in between the bones. I am not sure. " My heart

> > sank.

> > She had the xray, and when he came back in after looking at it, he

> > said, " I still cant tell. "

> > WHAT??!?!?!? So, then he says, " come back in 3 weeks, i want to give

> > her an MRI...She cant have surgery until then anyway. "

> > OH MY GOSH. I cant even believe what I am hearing...Here I am hoping

> > the guy tells me, yes, she has plagio, a weird case of it, and my

> > worst nightmare came true.

> >

> > SO the reason her head looks like it does is because the bottom part

> > of her skull, the occiput is prominant, or being pushed out from the

> > pressure of her brain, and the bones pushing. I am praying he is

> > somehow wrong, and that this next doctor will see a space!

> >

> > Please pray for her, I will keep everyone informed...marcy

> >









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