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Re: NJ Paramos - transportation

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Hi Totti,

My daughter had brachy too and went from about 96% to 85% wearing a

starband for 5 mo (age 5 to 10 mo). Not all kids grow at the same

rate,and maybe DOCband results would be quicker, but I don't really

know that 10 wks would really be enough. However I think if this was

my only option I would still try to do it.

Have you visited CT? Maybe they would be able to advise you better

about the time frame, and expected outcome. Also you could ask them

about waiting until you return to the US in September and starting then.

Here are some links to sydney's head:

http://health.ph./group/Plagiocephaly/photos/view/e3ac?b=51 & m=s & \



http://health.ph./group/Plagiocephaly/photos/view/e3ac?b=50 & m=s & \


Good luck with your decision, and I hope you can get the

transportation worked out too. It sounds like a lot of juggling, but

if you can help improve his headshape I think it will be worth it.


sydney 2 yrs starband grad

In Plagiocephaly , totka parusheva <tparusheva@...> wrote:


> ,

> He does not have asymmetry, but has branchy. He got measured 3

weeks ago at 96, but I have been repositioning him since then and i

have seen improvement, so I am expecting to be less then this. Also, I

should say that for everybody his head looks normal (the whole family,

the pediatrics, etc), so I am against everybody to put the band, but I

feel that if I do not do it I will aways wonder whether I could have

helped for his head to be almost perfect.

> I really hope for good results from the band as everybody is so

skeptical, and are saying that I am just waisting my money and time.

> Thank you

> Totti


> <nwilkens2275@...> wrote:

> I just wanted to clarify my statement: I should have said,


> on the severity, I think it is possible to get good correction in 10

> weeks. What are his beginning asym measurements?



> Jake-19m (tort resolved/rt plagio/DOCBand 10 weeks)

> Jordan-4



> > >

> > > We got approved for the band and we have scheduled casting for

> > next

> > > Friday. There are couple of issues on our side. We have to leave

> > the

> > > country for 2 months in the mid of July, so best case we are

> going

> > to

> > > have the band for around 10 weeks. Do you think that this is

> > enough to

> > > get correction (my son is 6 months old today).

> > > Second problem is that we live in Manhattan and we do not have a

> > car,

> > > and I am not a driver, so my husband needs to get off work every

> > time

> > > we need to go for appointments. His job is really demending, and

> > is

> > > hard for him to get out, so I am trying to figure out a way how

> to

> > get

> > > to Paramus on my own. Apperantly there is no convenient public

> > > transportation, and I am sure that taking a cap in and out is

> > goint to

> > > cost more than the band. Does anybody know another way besides

> > driving

> > > to get to Paramus from Manhattan. I am ready to pay up to $100

> per

> > > visit (as we would have to still pay 50-60 to rent the car even

> if

> > my

> > > husband can get off from work).

> > > Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

> > > Thank you

> > > Totti

> > >

> >







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