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Re: HELP! Still not sure which band...going nuts!

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Multiple bands supposedly only happens in 15% of DOC patients.

> > >

> > > Hi,

> > > I still dont know what to do for which band to put in.

I was

> > > convinced I was going to do the DOCband, until we saw Dr

Vicari at

> > > Childrens and he told me that the STARband is better because

it comes

> > > down further in the back to help the Brachy, and has more foam

to cut

> > > away. I love Cranial Tech, but now I am wondering if we wont

get as

> > > good results with the DOCband for the Bracy in back. He is

only mild-

> > > moderate, but thats the part that bugs me most about his head,


> > > flat in back. He is flat on side and square above the ears and


> > > but the flat is so noticeable to me. SO what do I do now?? We

have an

> > > appointment set for Friday to see Cranial Tech again and


> > > scan that day. But if I want the STARband I have to speak with


> > > Vicaris office again cause we left it with we would let them

know. I

> > > really like the DOCband look better, but what if the DOCband


> > > help the Brachy as much??? I cant even tell by most pics how

far the

> > > DOCband does come down in back...

> > > I know I am a pest on this board, but if anyone knows which is


> > > better for brachy maybe even from personal experience, please

let me

> > > know!! I have until Thursday to decide and I am going to drive


> > > crazy!

> > > Thanks a bunch!

> > >

> > >

> >

> >

> >


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