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Re: Itching after helmet removal?

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How did you use it? Daily? After washing hair? Just to the areas

needed? All over? Did you wash the hair less?

> >

> > Hello:

> >

> > My son has been wearing his StarBand helmet for about 5 weeks.


> are

> > truely happy with his progress. However, I've started to notice

> that

> > when we remove his helmet, he starts to scratch one side of his

> head.

> > At first he was pulling at his ear, so i took him to his

> pediatrician

> > to have him checked out for an ear infection. She said he was

> fine. He

> > does not have any red spots, but I took him for a helmet

> > adjustment/check anyway and our orthotist said everything was


> > This has been going on for three weeks. Lately, I've noticed


> his

> > scalp is dry and it could be causing the itching. Has this

> happened to

> > anyone before? What can I do to help him? When the helmet is on -

> he

> > is not bothered at all. It only happens when the helmet is

> removed.

> >

> > Any thoughts? I'm reluctant to apply any creams or moisturizer

> because

> > we were told to avoid any creams on the scalp.

> >

> > Thanks,

> >

> > ~

> > Mom to Noah (7 months)

> > 5 weeks in StarBand

> >









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