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Re: concerned Mom...is it too late??

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Thanks ladies for your input. hopefully will have his DOC band

soon. I will let you know how it goes.

Take Care

- In Plagiocephaly , Dumerlin

<candicedumerlin@...> wrote:


> Hi - We didn't get Madi her Hanger Band until she was 9 months, due

to the fact that her pedi kept telling us that her head would round

out. She has only had it for about 3 weeks, but we have seen some

improvment already. I would say go for it if you are still not

comfortable with your son's head shape.


> ,NY


> christineashok <christineashok@...> wrote:

> Hi ,

> I think you'll still get correction. I think switching to CT makes

> sense vs. continuing with danmar. Lots of people band at 10 mo or

> later and are still happy they did so.


> My daughter graduated from her band at 10 mo. She had a lot of


> toward the end. Also just to see if she's grown more I tried to put

> her band back on yesterday (about 6 weeks later) and if was way too

> small - so her head is still growing.


> And if you don't get the new band you'll always second guess your

> decision. This way you'll know you did as much as possible.

> -christine

> mom to sydney/ 11 mo/ starband grad 10-06



> >

> > Hello All,

> > My ds has brachy with a cephalic index of 100.4%. we went to


> > tech last week and we are going to switch from the Danmar helmet


> > the DOC band.

> > My question is, is it too late? is 9 mos old and I imagine


> > will not have the new band for at least a month.

> > I am just curious if there are any parents out there who have


> > their babies at 10 mos and had great results. Please let me know.

> > Thanks

> > - Ohio

> > 9 mos brachy

> >







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