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Re: Is it too late at 17 months?

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Hi ,

good for you for insisting on a band. I am so tired of hearing " it

will get better on its own " . I really don't understand doctors. There

are parents of children 3, 4,and 16, as well as adults who can confirm

it doesn't always magically get better.

Please let us know how your son does with his band.


sydney 2 yrs starband grad

> >

> > Hi-I'm a new member. I have posted this question on the All About

> > Plagiocephaly message board, but just found this one today, so

> > wanted to get some more opinions. Any similar stories and/or

> advice

> > would be greatly appreciated. Sorry for such a long post, but I

> feel

> > you should all get an idea of where I've been and where I'm at now:

> >

> > My son Jake was born 10 pounds, 11 ounces. Due to the limited space

> > inutero, he came out with a " dent " in his forehead on the left

> side,

> > which has caused a VERY SLIGHT malformation with his eye/eyebrow

> > area (it's a little flatter and lower than the right side,

> although

> > apparently I am the only one who notices it and it's most visible

> > when he's tired or sick). Jake was then diagnosed with Torticollis

> > at 2.5 months old (also a result of his position in thewomb) and

> > underwent PT to treat it (successfully!). At 3 months, he

> > had a CT scan, and at 4 months we were told by a highly qualified

> > pediatric neurosurgeon that his suture lines looked great (so

> > surgery was not necessary!), and that we should save our money, he

> > won't need a helmet, it will correct itself eventually.

> >

> > So I waited and waited, and I have seen SOME improvement with his

> > head shape. At every check up, I ask his pediatrician about his

> head

> > and they (he's seen two different doctors) both say it will work

> > itself out. About every two months, I question my husband, do you

> > think we did the right thing, I still think his head is too flat,

> > and his forehead bulge is too prominent and his ears are still way

> > out of alignment. And my husband always says, doctor said he'll be

> > fine, it will all work out. But then last week I ran into another

> > mother at school who just had her son banded two weeks ago (he's 9

> > months old), so I stopped to ask her some questions and it just

> > brought all this doubt and guilt up again. I was a wreck for three

> > days. We now have an appointment with the craniofacial surgeon she

> > went to on the 22nd and an appointment with the orthotist right

> > after, assuming we get the prescription.

> >

> > My problem now is that my son is 16 months old already. By the

> time

> > the band comes in, he'll be 17 months old. Has anyone else out

> there

> > waited this long to make the decision to band or not? Is it worth

> it

> > at this point? I understand it's not ideal, but I'd rather say I

> > tried to do something, even if the result is minimal. But I don't

> > want to be discouraged either, so I want to have an idea of just

> how

> > much of an improvement I should expect to see at this stage. I

> would

> > greatly appreciate anyone's advice on this matter. Thanks for your

> > time!

> > in Raleigh

> >


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