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Re: Photos posted...please give me feeback

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Hi ,

It is crazy how they can get flat even when you are proactive rather

than reactive. What is the critter thing? I have used the Boppy

NOggin Nest thing in the carseat but it says not to...does anyone

know the reason? Ya, I don't think I would notice Grant's head if I

wasn't " on the ball " and looking at his head constantly. That is

encouraging that your little guys head is almost totally round...I

hope I can get Grant's head totally round again. I think

positioning in utero could have played a role in both of my boys

flattening. I say this because Eli had flattening on the left which

makes sense for how he was laying at the 19 week ultrasound and

Grant has flattening on the right and he was laying the opposite

direction of ELi. The tricky thing is that even if I am on his left

side and move his head to the left A LOT of times he will turn it

back. We'll keep trying though and hopefully we'll have great


> > > >> >

> > Hi there,> > > > > > > > I just posted pictures in the Plagio

Babies F-G folder. My > > son's name > > > > is Grant M. Please let

me know what you see and any input. > He > > is 7 > > > > 1/2

weeks.> > > > > > > > Thanks,> > > > > > > > > > > >> > >> >>







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