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Re: confused - chesapeake virginia

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Hi ,I saw Hannah's pics. She has chunky thighs like my Kiersten :) Did you have any aerial shots of her head or direct side views? Can you post new ones? Just get rid of some of the old. Or send to me and I may be able to put them side by side.

The Hanger band looks big on her. Does it shift a lot? I see space near the ear holes and forehead. I'm concerned about the scan to fit timing. It was at least 20 days. Orthomerica (maker of STARband) and Cranial Tech (DOC Band) say no more than 14 days. Hanger doesn't ahve a lot of information on their website about their product. Sometimes they use a STARband. Being fitted at 7 months I would expect to see a noticable to you the un-medically trained parent in 2-4 weeks max (especially with those thighs - she looks like she is a healthy eater and growing on target). Not seeing a noticable change in 2 months is a red flag. My daughter, Kiersten was banded at 7 months & 10 days old (1/10/06). She graduated 4/4/06. She was mild/moderate. She had facial and ear asymmetries but a very low flat spot (hard to see in pics). We saw correction quickly and she wasn't really growing that fast. We went every 2 weeks to the Charlotte CT clinic. So she was the same age as your daughter with probably less severe plagio.

What I am saying is I think you need a second opinion.

There are 2 CT locations within driving distance - ndale, VA and Charlotte, NC. Both locations have drs near the clinics that are specialist that deal with plagio babies frequently. I added the links. I would recommend you go for a free consult (you might even be able to get into one of the drs on the same day - I have no idea about their waits for appointment but the clinic may be able to help you get in faster - your ped could write a referral if you need it for your insurance, for that matter your ped could write the RX for the DOC band if insurance doesn't require a specialist). Take the Hanger band. They may possibly be able to tell you it fits or doesn't - I don't know what they would say about a competitor. Each clinic has seen hundreds (maybe thousands) of Plagio babies and would most likely recognize cranio. No they aren't drs but they know what looks like normal plagio versus not. The inventor of the DOC band is available via phone and email and she has seen a large majority (if not all) of the 30,000+ children head's that have been treated with a DOC band. She consults routinely on the "unique" cases. I did add your location so there may be another provider closer that someone has a good experience with.

Cranial Technologies, Inc.Woodburn Medical Park 13299 Woodburn Road, Suite 210ndale, VA 22003Phone: 703-876-1600Toll Free: 866-876-1600Fax: 703-876-0978Clinician: , OTRClinician: Fowler, OTRConsults and Treatment Available:Monday thru Friday - 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM

Physicians Near this Clinic

Cranial Technologies, Inc.309 East Morehead St, Suite 280Charlotte, N.C. 28202Phone: 704-344-1290Toll Free: 866-344-1290Fax: 704-344-1292Clinician: Skaggs, MS, OTR/LClinician: Hendricks, LPTClinician:Stacie Underwood, PTConsults and Treatment Available:Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday - 7:30 AM to 5:30 PMWednesday - 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Physicians Near this Clinic

Keep me posted.

na, DOC Grad Feb 04Kiersten, DOC Grad April 06www.thefilyaws.com/plagio/plagio.html> >> > Well i took hannah to see her plastic surgen the other day and he gave > > me some news that i really don't understand. he told me that hannah's > > soft spot has closed and that he still wants her to stay in the helmet > > for 2 months. he said he knows that there has not been a improvment in > > the her head since she started wearing the band on march 15. He stated > > that he wants her to continue with the PT and that when we go back he > > wants to send her for a ct scan and a genetics testing. i don't > > understand why. what does the genetics testing have to do with anything > > then he said he is kinda iffy on doing the surgery on hannah becuase he > > has never done that type of surgery on anyone. Do u think he is > > throwing hints that she has craino thing. i am just conused and don't > > even know what to think. the guy at hanger told he does not know if > > there is a improvment in her head. the problem we r facing with the > > band is that hannah's head is so flat in the back that we can't really > > get the band to stay on right so he had to add a crap load of padding > > to the back side. so can someone please explain this to me because i > > am going out of my mind > > thanks > > > >> > > > For more plagio info

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