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Re: Baby DJ and his Starband

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I cried a lot too and felt that somehow I had let my baby down

because his head became flat in the back and I felt so guilty. The

truth is that i would have let him down had I not done anything to

correct the problem.

The first few days were an adjustment, but he has had it on for

three weeks and it doesn't bother him or me one bit! Honestly. I

actually am so used to it that when I take it off for his

bath/cleaning I feel like he is missing something! He looks just as

adorable with or without it. I am used to the stares, and I too try

to educate people as much as possible. But I am so proud of him and

that is all that matters!

We went for an adjustment yesterday and they couldn't believe how

much progress Jake has had in only three weeks. If I had to take it

off now, I would be so pleased with the results we have already seen-

and know it is only going to get better.

It's okay to feel sad at first, and it will surely pass. You are

doing the right thing for your baby and that is all that matters.

Good Luck!


Mom to Jake, DOC Band 5/1/06

> >

> > Hello my fellow helmet Moms and Dads,

> > My husband I just got the news today that our 16 week old has a

> severe case of postional

> > plagiocephaly. He was scanned for a helmet and should be in his

> new camouflage digs in 2

> > weeks. I feel guilty for being so sad. Everyone on this site


> so positive and I've been

> > fighting tears all day. I know that we are lucky to have a

> healthy, happy beauitiful boy...but I

> > never thought that he would have to wear a helmet at 4 months.

> Does anyone have any

> > words of encouragement or felt the way I do, only to realize


> not that bad? I know I should

> > be happy that this can be corrected and that we caught it at


> a young age, but I can't

> > help but be afraid of how people are going to react.

> >










> For more plagio info

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