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Re: Facial Assymetry

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It's most likely due to the tort. The muscle pulls on the skull

base under the ears. it can pull the whole side of the face down.

So the helmet may be doing it's job and the muscles are fighting

it. I'm not suprised since you said the tort was just diagnosed.

It's good that you are on top of it.

na, DOC Grad

Kiersten, DOC Grad


> >

> > My DD has been wearing a helmet (not band) for 2 months and

> has tort.

> > The tort was just diagnosed and we just now started PT.


> (at 7

> > months) I am noticing significant (to my eyes) facial

> assymetry where

> > before there was none. How does this get corrected? WILL


> > CORRECT??? Her face has gone from being perfectly


> to

> > lopsided and she has been wearing the helmet. I am a


> freaked

> > out by this. Some guidance would be appreciated. (I will


> to post

> > photos that show this)

> >







> For more plagio info

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