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Re: Bulging above ears

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My son, Logan, wore his DOC Band for 11 weeks and just graduated

yesterday. On the side where the band opened he had a lump, exactly

the size of the opening. I was told it's fluid build-up and that it

would go away after treatment. He outgrew the band last week, and

it's already going down. If your is a DOC Band, ask your clinician

about it. They are very knowledgable, and may be able to set your

mind at ease! Good Luck!

> > >

> > > Hello everyone.....DJ has been banded since the beginning of

> August.

> > > We have a little over a month left with this band, and do not

> know yet

> > > whether he will need a second band. We have seen improvement.


> began

> > > with a mild-severe case of plagio/brachy. His head is


> > > rounder and smoother now that he's been in the band two


> But,

> > > his head is still assymetrical, especially when viewed from


> top

> > > down.

> > >

> > > He has had some bulging above the ears since before the band,

> but we

> > > are noticing that the bulging may have worsened since getting

> the

> > > band. Is that possible or are we just over-analizing? Should


> be

> > > concerned?

> > >

> > >

> > > Mom to DJ, 8 months, DOC-band

> > >

> >


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