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Re: Did anyone experience added cranial height in the docband?

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I can understand your frustration as well. I'm curious to hear what

you think when you are able to check out the headscicle. Also,

those waves/caps you see on the top of the bands, from how I

understand it, they aren't to keep the head from growing upwards,

they are more for balancing out the band so it won't rotate and move

around as much.


> >

> > I'm concerned that my daughter's docband has created increased

> cranial

> > height on the left side of her head which is not protected by


> band.

> >

> > I mentioned my concern at the adjustment about a month ago...but

> > didn't realize that it was actually becoming, I think,

> imbalanced...I

> > was just worried about general increased cranial height.


> way

> > the clinician indicated that cranial height couldn't be


> but

> > rather the band redirects growth backward to fill out the flat

> spot on

> > the back of the head.

> >

> > I mentioned this again 2 weeks ago, to a different clinician,


> gave

> > me the same answer. However at that point I had started to


> > that the top of her head was uneven. They told me that it was


> > that to begin with.

> >

> > After I left, I thought about it more, and I didn't recall that

> being

> > the case. Over the last few days, I have been going through


> > bandless pictures from earlier this summer (even some during the

> > treatment while she had the 1 hour off), and it definitely


> > look like the top of her head was lopsided.

> >

> > We have another adjustment tomorrow, and then 2 weeks later is

> > supposed to be graduation day b/c she will have outgrown the

> band. We

> > have already decided that we are not moving forward with a


> > band. I'm really upset and nervous that the crown of her head

> will be

> > off-balanced. I plan to discuss it again with CT tomorrow, but


> > worried. Has anyone else experienced this?

> >







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