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Re: Phoenix Dr.'s-for KL

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Im pretty sure he accepts new patients. The inital wait time for me to get in was like 2 weeks. If you have symptoms of an infections, he keeps same or next day appointments open and its not with a nurse practitioner..you always get to see him or Dr. !

Dr. is pretty old and Dr is pretty young. They both see new patients together to look at the vulvar skin and diagnose you together. Both become familiar with you and your condition..so I see both..or whomever is available when need be!

They look at discharge and fluid under the microscope while you are there and will let you know the strains of yeast you carry (if any) and treat them with the proper prescriptions. They dont send them to a lab so you dont have to wait for results! I love that! No more waiting game!

You will feel a sence of relief knowing you will finally have some answers and proper treatment when you leave the office!

Thanks and glad to help,


From: hotpepperlvr <hotpepperlvr@ yahoo.com>Subject: Phoenix Dr.'sTo: VulvarDisorders@ yahoogroups. comDate: Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 8:40 AM

I just moved to Phoenix AZ from NY and I need to find a new gyno that is well familiar with our wonderful condition. I noticed Dr. Gorden is here in Phoenix. Does anyone know him? Or know of another doc in Phoenix that is good? Thanks for any suggestions!KL

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