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Re: Digest Number 2789

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re: AF as you go to sleep

Someone wrote:

'You may want to be tested for sleep apnea. If you stop breathing

while asleep it puts a great strain on your heart. My a fib always

started at night and sometimes just as I lay down to go to sleep. '

I have found sleeping with the window open is absolutely essential & I sleep

effectively in a draught, even in winter. In summer, I have a fan that directs

air to my face. Seems to help & I haven't noticed anything adverse about this.

It has stopped me jolting from deep sleep to awake & feeling as though I am

being suffocated by my sheets. I used to end up feeling as though I was fighting

for breath. I wear a couple of sweaters & the sheets/duvet are banished to about

halfway down the bed. . . . Difficult for sleeping with a partner, though!

Anybody got any better solutions ??

best wishes to all,


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