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re: mercury and heavy metals

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There are a lot of options for detox, depending on the individual circumstances.

I now use mostly BioCleanse or IonCleanse (epsum salt/sea salt) footbath with

ionizer, but have in the past used DMPS IV, DMSA supplements, N-acetylcysteine

(NAC),  Porphyrazyme or Chlorella & Cilantro with upregulation, Pectasol CF

(modified citrus pectin with seaweed extract), Natural Cellular Defense (NCD), 

NDF, Alpha Lipoic Acid,  sauna (including sitting in car in sun with windows

up), etc. 

There are lots of other options. They all have provided significant benefit for

many.    Some have caused adverse effects if not used properly or

carefully.  With any you need good diet support.  The sulfur related chelators

like DMPS, DMSA, NAC, ALA  can cause problems for some who have blocked sulfur

enzymatic processes which is common in mercury toxicity.   If these are used

one should start at low level to see if you have a problem and increase dose

gradually.  You can also test for blood free cysteine level where high implies

sulfur processing problems.

Some have problems with the seaweed extracts likewise though generally not as

significant, and similar advise applies to their use.    With chelation

methods some good minerals may also be lost, so daily mineral support is

needed(calcium, magnesium,zinc, etc.)


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