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Re: AP: HIV testing kits planned for hospitals

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Attention Dear Forum,

Re: /message/8719

In order to generate a response from the Government to end the

unhealthy trend in VCTC,PPTCT,government hospitals,and other

Government Departments the Positive Women¡¦s Network (PWN+) organized

the State level Advocacy workshop & Event " To address the needs of

Women Living with HIV/AIDS from 7 Districts of Andhra Pradesh " .

This consultation aimed at improving access of Women living with

HIV/AIDS to the programmes and schemes of various government

ministries and departments in Andhra Pradesh and share experiences

and issues from the voice of WLHA to seek multi sectoral response.

Mr.Kalidhas from APSACS participated in the Event and we would like

to take this opportunity to thank him for his valuable contribution

which was motivated both the WLHA and other Government officials


Positive Women Network suggested the following achievable

Recommendations to improve the government systems and to encourage

the WLHA in Accessing Schemes and programmes of the government in

that Event and submitted to the Departments:

1) Practical updated and attitudinal HIV-related training,

women and children-related treatment training and sensitization

programmes must be conducted for all Government department staffs

and Administrators.

2) Post-Graduate students of Medicine should be given hands-on

training to handle HIV/AIDS- related conditions so that they are

well-equipped to deal with such cases in future.

3) Codes of Ethics and professional conduct in healthcare

provision should be put in place with appropriate forms for

redressal of professional violations.

4) Adequate supplies of Universal Barrier Precautions and basic

infrastructure must be made available in hospitals and labs for

infection control, hygiene and the safety of healthcare providers.

5) Updated information on the disease, medication, dosage,

testing, precautions and preventive measures and medicines for women

and adherence should be readily available to healthcare workers.

6) Adequate supplies of culturally relevant IEC materials on

updates should be available to healthcare workers.

7) Better referral and co-ordination mechanisms between

departments for reducing stigma and discrimination.

8) Well-trained counselors equipped with knowledge on handling

health issues faced by women and children living with HIV.

9) Testing guidelines need to be developed for children

affected by HIV. Child-friendly

Information on ART and HIV should be developed.

10) Increase the amount of Widow Pension, and priority is needed

in moving the applications to ensure it for WLHA.

11) Necessary certificates need to be provided for WLHA in a

priority basis to access the schemes of the government.

12) Support for Women Self-Help groups formed by WLHA is needed.

13) Sensitization program for all government departments is

needed to understand the concerns of WLHA.

Following to this Advocacy Event we would like to salute the " BE

BOLD " Campaign and express our happy and thanks to APSACS for taking

important decisions on VCTC and PPTCT Services and Testing Kits for

Hospitals which were recommended in the event.

Also we would like to request to the Respected Project Director and

APD to derive certain mechanism with the consultation of Networks to

bridge the gaps between WLHA-APSACS- Other Government Departments-

to access the schemes available and this is the right team to do


Once again Thanks to APSACS on behalf of Women Living with HIV/AIDS.

In Solidarity,

Positive Women Network (PWN+)

Parsn Paradise 109, C Block, A-3, 4rth Floor,

G.N.Chetty Road,

T.Nagar, Chennai-17


E-MAIL: <suseelaanand@...>

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